Wildfly and MVC 1.0 Ozark

I just started to build a new Java EE Web Application based on the new MVC 1.0 Framework which will become part of Java EE8. I tried to run the application on Wildfly 9.0.2.

Setup a Maven Project

To setup a MVC 1.0 Web Application with maven seems to be quite simple. I Just added the following dependencies into my pom.xm :

 <!-- MVC 1.0 dependencies -->

As ozark is based on jersey we need the jersey-container-servlet. As ozark is based on Java 8 it is also necessary to start Wildfly with JDK 8. Otherwise the war file can not be deployed.

The application class

Next I added an application class with a resurce mapping /api/

public class MyApplication extends Application {

This class is necessary to call the application URL like


Here is my controller class:

public class HelloController {
 private Greeting greeting; 
 private static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(HelloController.class.getName());

 public void hello(@QueryParam("name") String name) {
 logger.info("set new message: "+name);
 greeting.setMessage("Hello "+name);

On the first look the conroller is triggered. But currently I am not able to return the target page (in my example /pages/hello.xhtml)

The reason seems to be that the jersey servlet container will not replace the resteasy implementation for the application.

Maybe someone knows how to solve this problem?

3 thoughts on “Wildfly and MVC 1.0 Ozark

  1. Hi, thank you for your post. I’ve spent hours and hours in trying to get jersey working on wildfly 9.0.2 – and finally it worked. Include jersey the normal way and exclude resteasy in jboss-deployment-structure.xml. BUT – it is a waste of time. I found no way that CDI (i.e. injecting an entity manager) works. Regards, Ali

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